Security Policy

Security Measures

VNB-IT takes data security very seriously and implements robust measures to protect personal information and user data from unauthorized access, alterations, disclosures, or inappropriate destructions.

Here are the main measures we employ

  • Data Encryption: We use advanced encryption technologies to secure data during its transmission over the internet and while it is stored on our servers.
  • Access Controls: Access to personal data is strictly limited to employees, contractors, and agents of VNB-IT who need to know this information to process it on our behalf. These individuals are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and may be subject to sanctions or termination if they fail to meet these obligations.
  • Security Monitoring: We constantly monitor our systems for security breaches and potential attacks. This monitoring helps to quickly identify and fix any security vulnerabilities.
  • Malware Protection: Our systems are equipped with antivirus and anti-malware solutions to protect against malware and other security threats.
  • Security Training: We regularly provide security training to our employees to raise awareness of best practices in data protection.
  • Security Audits: Regular audits are conducted to assess the effectiveness of our security measures. These audits are carried out by internal parties and sometimes by independent third parties.

Ongoing Commitment

Security is an ongoing process, and we are committed to continually improving our security practices to protect against new threats. We are committed to acting quickly in the event of a security issue and to informing the relevant parties in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  

Notification in Case of Breach

In the event of a data breach that could seriously affect your privacy or personal data, VNB-IT commits to notifying affected users and the relevant authorities within the time frames prescribed by law.
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